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What is The Pensions Trust?

The Pensions Trust was established in 1946 and is run as a not-for-profit organisation. It provides high-quality workplace pensions for more than 2,400 not-for-profit organisations, including those in the charitable, social, education and voluntary sectors.

The Pensions Trust offers a range of retirement schemes to cater for different needs and meet auto-enrolment criteria. These include 29 defined benefit schemes, two multi-employer defined benefit schemes, five multi-employer hybrid schemes the Flexible Retirement Plan and the Ethical Fund. The Pensions Trust has developed a unique offering for employers, which allows employers to outsource all of the responsibility of managing trust-based schemes.

A corporate Trustee is responsible for running The Pensions Trust. However, some participating schemes have their own committees, enabling employers and members to have their say in how their scheme is run.