Action planner

Welcome to your personal auto-enrolment action planner

This action planner is exclusively for employers who provide their workers with access to a pension from The Pensions Trust.

Designed around your business, this action planner lists some of the key steps you need to consider to prepare for auto-enrolment before your staging date.

This action planner can be used in conjunction with your internal auto-enrolment project and implementation plans.

Use the planner

How to use your action planner:

Use the action planner to see some of the key tasks you need to consider to prepare for auto-enrolment. You can also register for reminders so you don’t miss any key tasks.

Once you have completed a task, ‘tick’ it off your list. The action planner will remember what tasks you have completed, so the next time you visit you can pick up where you left off.

Interactive tools
The Pensions Trust provides you with tools to help you with some of your tasks – you can link directly to these tools from each task.

Link directly to the documents you need from individual tasks on your action planner.

You can save and print a copy of your action planner to take to meetings or to share with colleagues or incorporate into your own plans.