Employer checklist

This checklist highlights some of the key stages in preparing for auto-enrolment.

Key Information


18 months from staging date

12 months from staging date

10 months from staging date

  • Identify which employees will be eligible for auto-enrolment
  • Review how much auto-enrolment will cost against differing definitions of pensionable pay
  • Review your implementation and contribution budgets for auto-enrolment
  • Review any legislative changes and trends in the auto-enrolment market
  • Engage with auto-enrolment middleware providers

6 months from staging date

  • Decide who will provide your auto-enrolment middleware systems and begin implementation
  • Work with your auto-enrolment system provider to create your auto-enrolment communications
  • Data collection and cleansing of your HR/payroll databases
  • Decide your contribution structure and plan time for consultation if necessary
  • Engage with The Pensions Trust to ensure that your scheme is set up as required
  • Ensure you are familar with The Pensions Trust's auto-enrolment processes


1 month from staging date

  • Final checks and preparations
  • Final Test (dummy) assessment run in preparation for your staging date
  • From the dummy assessment, perform a test run of your auto-enrolment communications
  • Ensure delegates who run the auto-enrolment assessments are fully trained


Staging date

  • Enrol all eligible workers who are not in a qualifying workplace pension scheme
  • Communicate to the whole workforce by the end of the joining window
  • Take deductions through payroll without paying them to The Pensions Trust until the opt out period has expired


Post Staging date

  • Re-assess your workforce each and every pay reference period
  • Issue your necessary and regulatory auto-enrolment communications each pay reference period
  • Self certify that your scheme meets the auto-enrolment criteria
  • Complete your declaration of Compliance with The Pensions Regulator