What is The Pensions Trust?

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Workplace pension law has changed!

Every employer in the UK has responsibilities to help more of their workforce save for retirement.

The introduction of auto-enrolment should not be underestimated, as the new employer responsibility brings new legislative requirements and new payroll processes to your organisation. Hopefully this website will point you in the right direction.

If you are using a scheme provided by The Pensions Trust as your auto-enrolment scheme, you will have access to an auto-enrolment helpdesk which can assist you with many queries and much general support in relation to auto-enrolment.

Further to the helpdesk, The Pensions Trust may also be able to assist you by providing communication templates, if your payroll software/provider is not able to meet all of your auto-enrolment duties. If you wish to find out more about this level of assistance, please contact The Pensions Trust.

Unfortunately, The Pensions Trust is not able to provide any advice on how you should meet your auto-enrolment duties and your auto-enrolment decisions; however The Pensions Trust may be able to help you identify areas for you to take into consideration.

Most importantly, The Pensions Trust can provide you with your qualifying workplace pension scheme. More information on The Pensions Trust, can be found here.

Your first step

The first step to successfully implementing auto-enrolment is ensuring that you have correctly identified your staging date. Once you have ascertained when auto-enrolment will affect your organisation you are then able to plan your auto-enrolment journey.

You can obtain your staging date by following the link below, and using The Pensions Regulator’s staging date tool.